September 06, 2023

Pilot 3

Our third and last Pilot takes place in an abandoned hospital in Madrid! Find out more in this article.

Pilot 3 takes place between 18th and 22nd September 2023.

This time, it's organised by 3 pilot hosts :

- Madrid Police (ADMPOL)

- Madrileno Health Service (SUMMA112)

- Spanish school of rescue and detection with dogs (ESDP)

Our partner CPlan (a company expert in crisis management) also helped in the development of the scenario and the event.

Discover them on this video :

Pilot host interview with Antonio, Ana María and Andrès!

It taked place in Los Molinos, near Madrid, in an abandoned Hospital.

The storyline:

A major explosion occurs in an hospital, provoking fire and structural damages to the building. Several unconscious persons are reported throughout the area, raising suspicion of additional chemical contamination. Police is sent out to evaluate the risk of a man-made incident and uses INTREPID to safely inspect the building, searching for potential signs of malevolence. Medical teams, K9 rescue team and firefighters use INTREPID for a first assessment of possible victims and hazards before entering the building.

Discover the teaser:

Pilot 3 teaser

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