January 18, 2021

End-users workshops have started!

2021 started with 4 firsts end-users workshops sessions ! From Mon, Jan 11th, to Tue, Jan 19th, the 4 sessions were dedicated to INTREPID assessment capabilities Environmental Mapping Module Path Planning Module, Environment Assessment module, Real-time positioning module, INTREPID Intelligence Amplification Module and INTREPID XR, Doctrine Model (INMOS) and Cybernetics Assistants module.

BMPM fire fighter in action

These workshops were based on the end user requirements as well as on the scenarios of the three project pilots. The goal of these sessions was to create interaction between the technical partners and the end-users: on the one hand, the technical partners had the opportunity to ask questions to the end-users to refine the requirements. On the other hand, the end-users were able to transmit their needs and ideas for the development of the INTREPID tool. All these elements will be essential for the writing of the functional and technical specifications of the INTREPID tool.

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