February 24, 2021

CERIS meeting

INTREPID is proud to present you the Community of European Research and Innovation for Security Meeting - CERIS event organized by the DG Home (Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs) and the European Commission Executive Agency - REA. 

CERIS presentation and date

This DSR - Disaster Risk Societies - virtual workshop about “Technologies for First Responders” was a presentation of research outputs of projects funded under the DRS02 topics which INTREPID is part of.

The INTREPID technologies such as the other’s H2020 projects presented themselves and expected that a concrete achievement of outputs will be provided. The workshop attracted 69 attendees and the speaker, Olivier BALET addressed to DRS02 project partners, members of the European Commission and last but not least to end-users such as Law Enforcement Agencies. 

The aim of the workshop was to provide an opportunity to learn more about DRS02 projects so as their outputs, their development and their evolution. Some of the objectives were to analyse capability needs and to identify solutions to address the gaps in the corresponding areas. Moreover, the aim was to translate these capabilities and solutions into research needs to identify funding opportunities and synergies to standardize these needs and integrate to them the views of the citizens. 

Perspectives have therefore been thought out and established in order to evaluate the situation of the project in 2 or 3 years, regarding the potential market dimension, or the effective support policies and the practitioner’s operations. This event allows to build a bridge between high-end technical knowledge, best practices and the useful data.

INTREPID has the opportunity to use this information in order to identify the project’s outputs by doing some research, and apply this analyse to the project to find solutions and create a working energy.

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