Medical first responders are confronted with an increasing number of mass-casualty incidents with a large number of injured persons. The proper evaluation of the situation itself, checking and monitoring the vital status of a large number of victims, and choosing the most appropriate strategy to further proceed with treatments are particular challenges.

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MED1stMR develops innovative mixed reality training technology to combine real-world medical simulators with virtual environments to train medical first responders for their challenges.

Increasing probabilities for natural disasters due to climate change, human-made accidents and terrorist threats require the development of innovative technological solutions adapted and implemented to the (cross-sectoral) needs of first responders. For this purpose, the project will develop a new technological solution to better prepare MFRs for a variety of disaster situations.

Main objectives:

  • Developing a pioneering MR training approach for enhanced realism
  • Developing effective training scenarios and a training curriculum through agile and user-centred design with cross-sectoral MFR
  • Realisation of a physiological signal and trainee behaviour feedback loop and smart scenario control to enhance effectiveness of MR training
  • To position the pioneering MR training approach across Europe

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