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Within the scope of the iProcureSecurity PCP, technology packages for a digital triage management system are to be sourced from qualified supplier consortia, comprising modular hardware- and software components as well as professional services.

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Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Europe are characterised by a heterogeneous landscape with diverse organisational setups, technology standards, coordination mechanisms and actors. This is the result of different historical and institutional contexts. However, these EMS are united by the common aim of providing timely care to casualties of sudden and life-threatening emergencies or disasters in cross-border settings and international humanitarian missions. Fostering the response capacities and increasing the cooperation of the Emergency Medical Services Systems (EMSS) is of decisive importance for strengthening the resilience of European societies.

During the prior iProcureSecurity (CSA) project, a large number of EMS were involved to identify, evaluate and prioritise future challenges and needs. The creation of an interoperable, flexible triage management system supported by modern technologies was among the most requested solutions in the context of security-related scenarios.

This iProcureSecurity PCP action is a result of those intense participatory processes. The action will lead to an innovative triage management system that supports the EMS on the field in the management of the Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs). The envisaged solution will be extremely flexible and interoperable, in order to adapt to the different procurers’ needs.

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iProcureSecurity PCP - Project Implementation


Overall, the iProcureSecurity PCP Solution aims to:

  • Fully digitalise the triage management operations on the field, and provide guidance and support to the EMS practitioners
  • Facilitate the communication and the information sharing among EMS on the field and external stakeholders.
  • Facilitate the decision-making process of the actors involved, by proving them with key information in real time, as well as with alerting and notification systems.

Following the EC Guidelines on Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), through a competitive series of design, prototype and pilot steps, the iProcureSecurity PCP will contract suppliers to deliver the creation and deployment of the envisaged triage management system.

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iProcureSecurity PCP - Triage Management Systems

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