First responder Advanced technologies for Safe and efficient Emergency Response (FASTER) is a H2020 project aiming to help and protect first responders during their operations and enhance their capabilities in terms of situational awareness and communication. The Consortium is made up of 8 first responders organizations, 3 industries, 4 SMEs and 8 Research Centres/Universities from 11 Countries. 

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FASTER’s main objective is twofold: to help and protect first responders during their operation and to enhance their capabilities in terms of situational awareness and communication. 

Towards these ends, FASTER has developed a set of hardware and software tools relevant to first responders and their operations. These include: 

  • UAV technologies: gesture control, swarm management, automated 2D mapping 
  • UGV technologies: autonomous navigation, thermal imaging, 3D mapping 
  • Situational awareness aids: AI scene analysis, extended vision from UAV cameras, tracking and localization of vehicles and personnel, health status tracking via smart textiles, local weather station 
  • Communication enhancements: 5G-enabled network, gesture communication via wearables, UAV communication relay, emergency message broadcast with a local relay 
  • Indoor navigation technologies: augmented reality navigation, building sensor visualization 
  • K-9 specific tools: smart collar, bark interpretation 
  • Security: Secure communications, distributed network of trust 
  • Management tools: portable common and control centre, mission management, quality of service monitoring 

FASTER is directing the development of these technologies from design, research and implementation to their integration into a coherent, interconnected, tested and validated toolset that can make a tangible difference to first repsonders’ efficiency and safety. The project includes not only innovative tools for response services, but also their integration into a comprehensive system for information management and rescuers support at the scene of an emergency.  

FASTER has tested  and validating its tools and technologies in a series of international pilots, allowing the technical team to gather comments and suggestions to fine tune the project design and first responders to train with the FASTER tools. Each pilot is designed around an emergency response scenario and includes a different, but overlapping, mix of tools relevant to it. 

The first phase of research, development and integration has been completed and tested in three pilots:   

  • Madrid, on November 17, 2020, where an heathquake in Madrid has been simulated. 
  • Moncalieri (close to Turin, Italy) on January 27, 2021 simulating a flood emergency. 
  • Kajaani, Finland, on March 10, 2021 where a terrorist attack have been simulated. 

An overview of the pilots activity and tools is available at the “Project Implementation”  section of the FASTER web site.  

A second iteration of pilots is scheduled for all three sites over the next in the next few months in order to test technology updates and upcoming improvements. 

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