30 Nov. 2022

Field Validation Methodology Webinar

INTREPID first webinar

The 30th of November, INTREPID will host its first webinar, on the topic "Field Validation Methodology", the innovative evaluation methodology we used since the beginning of the project. Charlotte and Mirko, from our partner FOI, will be the speakers. 

You're wondering what this methodology means, what is it for?

These are the questions this webinar will answer to. While waiting for discovering more, here are the 3 key points of this method presentation:

  1. To enhance procurement of new technology. It's a way to validate that the new tool will solve the relevant problem, or to compare actual outcome to expected outcome for instance.
  2. A validation with the help of end users and expected value. It takes into account end-users' beliefs and expectations about the tool being developed, and complements the key performance indicators (KPIs).
  3. Suggestions of data collection strategies. It uses observers, interviews, questionnaires and focus groups to collect data. It combines technical measurements with manual data.

To find out more, and to be able to attend this event, register on this link.

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