Coordinated by CS GROUP France, the INTREPID consortium is made up of 15 members with complementary expertise in all relevant areas: 7 end users, 5 research and technical development operators and 3 support partners.

A group picture with the whole consortium during Pilot 2

5 research & technical development partners

    CS group logo

    CS GROUP – FRANCE is the INTREPID Project coordinator and also technical partner responsible for the INTREPID Mobile System (based on product Crimson) and 3D visualization and Extended Reality COP.

    Robotnik logo

    ROBOTNIK is a leading Spanish robot manufacturer specialized in custom design for all types of mobile robots. Robotnik provides the INTREPID project with a new generation of robots with a combined wheeled-legged locomotion system and advanced AI for complex robot control.

    TUM logo

    TUM, Technische Universität München, and especially its Chair of Computational Modelling and Simulation, develops the environmental mapping module as well as the path planning module for the navigation of the UAVs, UGVs and first responders.

    CERTH logo

    CERTH is for Centre for Research and Technology Hellas. CERTH is a leading Greek visual computing laboratory of 1000 people, specialized in information technologies since 2000. CERTH provides INTREPID Project with its expertise in Intelligence Amplification, Symbiotic Robot and Robot Interaction.

    FOI logo

    FOI is the Swedish Defence Research Agency whose core activities are research, method and technology development, and studies for the use of defence, security and safety. As one of INTREPID technical partners, FOI shares its long expertise and strong skills within Sensor Informatics, including distributed sensor networks, machine learning, detection and tracking, 3D positioning and mapping, system integration and validation in realistic and varying conditions.

3 support partners dedicated to legal considerations, crisis management and communication

    crisis plan logo

    CRISISPLAN is a Netherlands-based expert in training and consulting in strategic crisis management. As a bridge between end-users and technical partner, CRISIS PLAN brings valuable expertise derived from understanding the nature of the work of first responders, mainly the challenges they face when dealing with disasters and their specific needs in order to address those challenges. 

    VUB logo

    VUB, VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT BRUSSEL, and in particular its Law, Science, Technology and Society research group is a Belgian SME of 60 people specializing in research in law, technology and education. Social, ethical and legal constraints are carefully taken into account during the project’s lifetime. VUB ensures compliance with the existing legislation on personal data protection, ethics and protection of IP. 

    Inconito logo

    INCONITO is a communication consulting agency based in Toulouse, France. Composed of 25 people, its expertise consists in updating the global communication strategy and implementing creative and digital strategies. As a part of the INTREPID consortium, INCONITO is responsible for the communication and dissemination plan in order to support awareness and reveal project attractivity among targeted audiences.

A user-centric project including 7 End-Users

As INTREPID project follows a user-centric methodology involving many first responders, its consortium includes a pool of end-users whose experience in field is crucial to fit first responders needs. They are made up of:

    DSU logo

    Federal Police of Belgium (DSU)


    BMPM logo

    Battalion of Fire Fighters of Marseille (BMPM)


    SSBF logo

    Stockholm’s Fire Defense (SSBF - Storstockhoms brandförsvar)


    ADMPOL logo

    Madrid Police City Council (ADMPOL)


    SUMMA logo

    Madrileno Health Service (SUMMA)


    ESDP logo

    Spanish School Of Rescue And Detection With Dogs (ESDP - Escuela Española De Salvamiento Y Detección Con Perros)


    HRTA logo

    ATTICA - Hellenic Attica Rescue Team (HRTA - Ellinki Omada Diasosis Attikis)


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