January 09, 2023

The UAV, a drone with 15 sensors.

The UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a fully equipped and autonomous drone, INTREPID project is developing.

What is an UAV? 

An UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, is a fully equipped and autonomous drone, INTREPID project is developing. 

In the INTREPID consortium, ALX society is in charge of developing them. Its main specificities are the ability to fly indoors and outdoors, to have a 2D and 3D sensing. It has a relatively accurate indoor location. The machine makes a 3D analysis in real time of its environment to better locate itself in its environment. It’s really interesting when there is no GPS. Also, if it's not possible to estimate the position GPS of the moving vehicle, it has the ability to estimate displacement based on the 2D image. A software is also developed to interpret what the 3D camera sees. 

A drone in flight.


  • Precision landing: on the rover (7-8cm margin). The development of the landing algorithm is based on a QR code, ultrasound system, or colored LED system. 
  • Autonomous exploration: unmapped and referenced environment. The UAV will reconstruct in its internet memory a map of the building as it moves inside. It will share the map with all the drones, and will be able to navigate more efficiently with this map. The drone will calculate the optimized route based on what it has recorded.   
  • Storage: it can manage difficulty in terms of bandwidth, it passes through the communication system developed in the project. If the bandwidth decreases, a management software will transfer video in a compressed way to not overload the bandwidth.   
  • Speed: indoor it can fly at 4 KM/H to be able to scan, and outdoor it can go up to 60KM/H, but for scanning, the limit speed is 20 KM/H. It can continuously fly for 22 minutes. 


The UAV is equipped with 15 sensors: for obstacle and positioning. It’s designed for the INTREPID project. The UAV is also involved in the symbiotic operation, developed by CERTH.  

A drone on the floor.

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