January 09, 2023

INMOS - an operational crisis management system.

INTREPID, (INtelligent Toolkit for Reconnaissance and assessmEnt in Perilous InciDents), is a ground-breaking platform for First Responders to improve and accelerate the exploration and assessment of disaster areas.

INTREPID integrates 10 major innovative technological components, each offering a set of capabilities tailored for critical operations in perilous environments.

Let's take a look today at its central component, the INTREPID Mobile System, aka. the INMOS (INTREPID Mobile System).

What is INMOS?

The INMOS is a portable operational crisis management system that is operated on-the-field to provide improved situational awareness to all the involved First Responders, thanks to a multidimensional view of both the crisis site and the ongoing situation, and to offer advanced capabilities to coordinate and command the operations. 

With INMOS, first responders can exploit and orchestrate all the platform capabilities to rapidly explore the crisis site and build a map of damages, threats and victims. It is based on the Crimson (http://crimson.eu) platform, the European leading hypervision and operation management solution adopted by numerous fire brigades and resulting from several previous EC projects. 

INMOS offers three main capabilities: 

  • Operation management 
  • Situation awareness 
  • Decision support and intelligence amplification 
INMOS interface screenshot showing Pilot 2 BIM

INMOS interface screenshot showing Pilot 2 BIM.

Operation Management 

INMOS enables to orchestrate the exploration operations using its intuitive user interface to command the INTREPID cybernetic assistants, a set of autonomous drones and robots made to measure, to explore disaster areas and gather information about the situation. These cybernetic assistants can work in a symbiotic way to improve their exploration capacities. For instance, UGVs can open doors or call elevators for UAVs to reach areas they would not have been able to reach otherwise. 

The collected information is provided in the real-time to the INMOS that updates the 3D digital twin of the site accordingly. 

Situation awareness  

The INMOS provides a 2D/3D/4D interactive representation of the Digital Twin of the site aggregating the multi-source, multi-format datasets available about the site (maps, BIM models, aerial imagery, documentation...) or collected in real-time by field sensors, First Responders, or cyber-assistants.  

This massive set of information is optimized in real-time by the INMOS to enable the sharing of a user-legible and interactive a Common Operational Picture among all participants including updated 3D geometry and videos from the site, position and situation of the teams and cyber-assistants, position and status of first responders, threats, incidents, victims… 

Decision support 

INMOS integrates advanced Decision Support capabilities powered by an Intelligence Amplification Module (IAM). This module exploits all the information available in the Digital Twin about the site, the situation and the ongoing operations, to propose in INMOS a number of recommended actions and guidelines based on rule-based doctrines predefined by the operational experts.  

The whole INTREPID platform may include several instances of interoperating INMOS deployable at will, totally autonomous and secured. The integrated, ground-to-C2 approach implies equipment of not only command centers, but also First Responders in the field, for 360° information gathering and communication. To meet this need, the INMOS is available for desktop and mobile devices, on handheld devices as well as mixed reality headset enabling hands-free operation and 3D COP visualization anywhere in the field.

INMOS interface screenshot showing inside Pilot 2 BIM.

INMOS interface screenshot showing inside Pilot 2 BIM.

The INTREPID project is user-centric by design. In this context, a pilot has been set up from Y1, the second one was in October 2022, and the third one, will be in Madrid, in June 2023. It's in preparation to test these functionalities, requested by the end-users, in a very operational context. The main challenge for INMOS lies in its ability to display the information and offer intuitive functions to properly command and orchestrate operations without causing mental overloading. 

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